01/19/06- "What in the hell", do you say, "could have prompted the release of Week 20?" I mean, damn, it's been almost THREE YEARS!!!

Well, we've got BIG news. I mean REALLY BIG NEWS!

Go check out Week 20 and see if you can spot it.

Damn, 3 years.


03/22/03- Yes, it's been a while, a LONG while. But I'm sure you will agree that Episode 19 was worth the wait! See Muscleman take on the son of his arch nemesis, Terri-Bull. See it HERE!


02/14/03- Happy Valentine's day! We've got a special valentine's treat for you in the Custom's and Fan Pics section. New submissions by QWAAH and M.I.W.P. of the A.K.I.A. Boards



01/16/03- Our first event of the new year, and boy is it a BIG one! See Nippon Gene's exclusive interview with the original X-2 a.k.a. Futuristic Goalie originally owned by Brant Snell! You can see it HERE as we take a stroll down memory lane to remember the legend that was X-2!



12/25/02- Happy Holidays to all!

From all of us at the AKIA, Kinnikumuscle.com and the AKIA Message Boards, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Enjoy the holiday and time off with your family!


11/28/02- Have a Great Thanksgiving all! And while you're digesting all that turkey and pie, check out Episode 18, just in time for the long weekend ahead! The first match of Round 3 turns out to be a doozy and we get a special interview with none other than the great Colossus himself! Enjoy folks! Oh yeah, one more thing, if you want a sneak peek into next weeks match up, you can find it HERE!


11/17/02- Episode 17 is up. Also, this end Round 2. Starting Round 3 (Episode 18) we will be moving in a different direction with each episode. Stay tuned for more info.


09/20/02- Episode 16 is up. Enjoy! Vote again, for next weeks match up too! Vote Here!


09/11/02- You asked for it, YOU GOT IT! Now you can VOTE for your favorite to win in the upcoming Week 16 episode! Vote Here!


09/02/02- Week 15 is up. Enjoy! See you next episode. In the mean time, you can chill your jets over at the AKIA forums.


08/20/02- We've been invaded over at the AKIA Forums by a M.U.S.C.L.E. calling himself the Great Blue ZorG ZorD. Our own Nippon Gene has been able to get the world first exclusive interview with him. It is interesting, to say the least! See it here!


07/21/02- Week 13 is up. Enjoy! By the way, if you haven't visited the AKIA forums yet, then you don't know what you're missing. Stop by and check it out, after todays match-ups!


07/06/02- Round 2 has begun! Week 13 is now in place. Enjoy. Talk about it at the AKIA forums when you are done!


07/03/02- The AKIA has a new message board! Still in it's infancy, but already fully functional. Check it out!


04/05/02- WOW! The long awaited return of Saturday Morning M.U.S.C.L.E. has finally arrived! I finally got off my fat butt and stopped trying to get that stop motion thing going! And here you have it WEEK 12, which by the way is the final set of matches for Round 1. Next episode will be the start of Round 2, and boy let me tell you, now that we've gotten the major wienies out of the tournament, the action is going to roll! Are you ready? ALSO, Anthony has sent me some more CUSTOM M.U.S.C.L.E.'s, so check'em out!


03/25/02- Guess what, I am now the official co-conspirator of the AKIA, American Kinnikuman Information Archive! Check out the new layout, and have fun!


12/15/01- Hey guys, sorry for the lack of new matches the past few weeks. I'm working on a stop motion match, you know, like claymation, but with M.U.S.C.L.E.s. And it is taking FOREVER! Now I know why it costs so much to produce a movie. TIME! Anyways, we haven't left you totally stranded, my friend Anthony has sent us some more of his customized little guys. So check out the CUSTOM page to see what he's got for ya!


12/01/01- I should have another match update by next Saturday, hopefully. I'm working on something REAL special, I mean, it just gets me ANIMATED thinking about it! Needless to say, it's taking alot longer than normal. But I'll FLAGG you down when I'm done with it.  In the meantime, check out the CUSTOM section for some cool figures done up nicely by my friend Anthony......Thanks Anthony! Also, I've just put a TON of GI Joe and Transformer stuff up on eBay. Check it out HERE! Just in time for Christmas! You can always see what I've got up by viviting the For Sale section, too!


11/23/01- Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, I sure did! Also, today I got some AWESOME news on a SUPER RARE M.U.S.C.L.E.  Check the new Rares section for more info!


11/17/01- Week 11 is up, with a first of it's kind match. And If I don't talk to you before Thursday. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Enjoy the time with your family, folks. They won't always be with you. Be careful if you are driving, also. Remember, we're not promised tomorrow, so live life to it's fullest, and spend as much time as you can with your loved ones. And don't eat too much! (unless it's chocolate cream pie, then it's okay, hee hee)  -Johnny


11/3/01- Week 10 is up, along with some new pics on the collection page.


10/27/01- Slight problem in the link from Week 9 Bout 1 to Bout 2. Fixed it, sorry.


10/27/01- Week 9 is up, on time, like I promised. Also added a pic to the Collection page. Enjoy, MORE TO COME!


10/25/01- New site design folks. Added a nifty new menu, up there on the left, just under Usama's ugly mug. Added a links section, and this cool little news box. Got a couple of things on the way pretty soon, too! In a couple of weeks, I will have collection pics up, and in about a month, I will have a "For Sale" page, so you can give me more of your hard earned $$$, in exchange for M.U.S.C.L.E. and Kinnikuman related stuff. A few other items in the works, too! So keep your eyes peeled, and don't forget to check back Saturday, because, YES, week 9 will be here. Thanks guys.

10/20/01- Finally, WEEK 8 is up. Thanks for all the patience guys. I finally got some new server space, and it RAWKS! Unlimited, too. My office is finally finished, too. So now I have the time, and the space to keep the updates coming WEEKLY again. Thanks again guys!