Hi, I'm Nippon Gene, your ring announcer, here at Kinniku-Muscle Wrestling. This week we have some REALLY big match ups for you. As you know, after a LONG 17 year recess, I was contacted by GRAND KINNIKUMAN himself. And by his request and under his authority, Kinniku-Muscle Wrestling was once again resumed. Currently we have the Grand Kinniku Tournament underway for the Heavy Weight and Tag Team championships. Since it has been 17 years, GRAND KINNIKUMAN has ordered those positions vacated. Yes, that means that Colossus will have to fight his way all the way up the 60 man ladder. And likewise will the CyberHulks, have to clobber through 13 other competing teams, to reclaim the Tag Team championship. You can view the current contest standings here. Anyways,

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