Remember these guys? Of course, we all do. They were M.U.S.C.L.E.'s. Millions of unusual small creatures lurking everywhere. They were awesome, outrageous and totally cool! But did you know that they were spawned from a very popular Japanese toyline called Kinnikuman? Yes Kinnikuman was such a hit in Japan, that Bandai, decided to give it a go here in the States and released them via Mattel. The only problem was that they imported the toys only, and none of the storyline. So if you've ever sat back and wondered what the deal was with these little guys, well you've found the right site.


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Courtesy of Nama Niku

Kinkeshi Premium Vol. 2 #blog

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Namakeshi at Designer Con! Nama x Nilla #blog

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New Kinnikuman Sunshine Tee

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Tatakae Ramenman Keshi Set from the Nama Niku Collection! #blog

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The Return of Kinnikuman Kinkeshi!

Kinkeshi Premium Vol. 1
All New Sculpts | 15 Figure Set | 4,320円
Feb 2017 Release | Pre-order @ Bandai Premium Shop
Bandai Japan | Made in China 
(International Order Assistance is offered on the page)

*Image Compliments of Yudetamago
The set includes 11 classic series characters completely re-sculpted for the new line.  It also includes 4 entirely new sculpts based on characters from the current Kinnikuman Revival series.  Max Radial, Peek-a-boo, Nemesis and Strong the Budo will all be debuting in Keshi form for the first time.  This is just the first volume of a "premium Kinkeshi" series from Bandai with new characters introduced in the Revival series being included within each additional volume.

The product information page says the material is "PVC," so my guess is that they will have a look and feel similar to the 2004 Nintendo Game Cube x Bandai Kinnikuman Nisei and WazaKeshi series.  Where this is part of Bandai's premium collectors line, I really hope they avoid doing something similar to the cheaply made 29th anniversary re-releases. 

Perhaps some of the most exciting news for hardcore Kinkeshi collectors, is that all the new figures were sculpted by the son of the original Kinkeshi series sculptor, Keiji Hirota!  I am very pleased to see that they put so much care and thought into this line.  Yudetamago have said for years that the only way they would sign off on doing additional Kinkeshi, is if they were done right.  The recent comic series has been performing quite well in Japan, so hopefully this means a long line of fresh Kinkeshi to come!

Submitted By -- Nama Niku


Niku Wrestling Alliance ~ Clutter Gallery (In)Actionfigures 4

Niku Wrestling Alliance Chibi Namakeshi
Clutter Gallery (In)Actionfigures 4
Valentine's Thermal Color Change Exclusive
Figure: Nama Niku | Mold + Casting: Eric Nilla

NWA Namakeshi with Removable Ropes and Belt 

Submitted By -- Nama Niku



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